Tuesday, April 14, 2009

our lands are green and skies are blue

What a delightful few days of riding we have had! Yesterday Mom and I got to ride together! Hooray!!! What joy for us and the horses! I rode Pie and she rode Sovereign and we rode in the pastures and then we went out for a small jaunt across the big open field and into the woods. Pie was hopping around a little. I think his new saddle pad was tickling him because he kept plastering his ears back before he would do a jump-buck combo. Poor honey. It isn't too tricky to discern a "I want you off" buck from a "something is itching me" buck because I stayed on! If he wanted me off it would not be too difficult for him. He is a forceful and athletic bucker! While Pie was doing his "airs above ground" Sovey was calm and safe for my mom. Sovey is such a good boy and a great influence on Pie. Comically, Pie demanded that he was the leader in the woods even though he had never been in there before. I had had a lovely Easter Sunday ride in the woods with Sovey and I was hopeful that he and Mom would be able to lead the way. "Little Big Man" Pie-Pie had different ideas though. He wanted to be the leader. Mom looked so good on Sovereign. It is wonderful to see her riding again. She had never used a Bitless Bridle before and she did very well.

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