Friday, April 3, 2009

Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation

A "non-horsey" friend recently asked me to explain where Pie and Sovey came from and what exactly is an ex-racer. Pie (Sly Pioneer) and Sovey (Suave Lord) are retired racehorses. They were rescued from an uncertain future by Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation. This essential organization has a fabulous website,, that explains, better than I am able, the plight of ex-racers and what TRF is doing to help save these lovely animals. I was so fortunate to find their website and have the opportunity to foster our two sweet boys. I had the pleasure of meeting Sandy Pikulski of TRF who brought Pie and Sovey to us. In addition to being a "horse rescuer" Sandy is an amazing photographer! She took the fabulous photos of Pie and Sovey in the snow (click here). Both photos are definitely "Horse Calendar" material! There is a permanent Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation link at the side of my blog.

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