Thursday, April 23, 2009

yakety sax

Dear little Maizie has had a fourth grade field trip at every turn this week and I am her "Room Mother" and chaperone, so riding Pie and Sovey has to wait. One field trip was to wrap trees for Earth Day at a tree farm and we were given many trees to plant at Honeysuckle Faire, which is wonderful. Today's trip is an archaeological dig. No horse time has made me cranky around the edges. Mom said last night, "You seem perturbed." I know Pie and Sovereign are enjoying their sunshine grazing, but I miss them. Last night they were extra loving and affectionate when I brought them in like they miss me too.
Brian has offered his solution to my ornery state. He listens to "The Jim Rome Show", a sports radio offering, and somehow Rome and his "clones" have discovered that listening to Boots Randolph's "Yakety Sax" (the old Benny Hill theme song) when you are annoyed makes everything seem comical. I thought he was crazy, but he is right - it works! The nutty saxophone, which sounds like a kazoo, loops and turns like a circus act background music and it makes a traffic jam seem funny, a surly store clerk can't irk you, and the worries of not riding seem silly. There is plenty of time to ride this spring! Pop in the Yakety Sax loop and it is all good!

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