Sunday, April 26, 2009

head east

Here is a photo of me on Sovey taken a few weeks ago by Maizie. We are heading out of our riding area because that is Sovey's favorite thing to do - head out, then turn and head east. Yesterday morning, Mom rode Sovereign and I rode Pie. We went all over the farm and through the trails. It was the best! Both horses were their usual perfect horsey selves, responding well to our cues. Mom is thrilled because she figured out how to use her center to move Sovey in the direction she wanted to go. They became one - a single unit moving around the farm. We put Sovereign's fly mask over the Bitless Bridle. He hates flies around his face so it made his ride more pleasant. He really stopped short and was scared of a clump of daffodils in the woods that he has seen before, but the mask must have made them seem scary. Mom quietly got him to walk by with gentle encouragement. Our entire ride is made up of us talking about how good these horses are. It is difficult for us to believe that they are 3 and 5 years old.
I rode Sovey bareback on Thursday after Maizie's field trip. I was having problems with the saddle slipping back on him so I decided to just forget the saddle. I promptly fell off the mounting block when I attempted to get on bareback because it doesn't go high enough - Sovey is so tall. (I am sure that was comical to see - a "rider" falling before she even gets on the horse.) Eventually, I realized that I had to "leap" onto his back from the top step. I am not sure how I will ever be able to ride Pie bareback without a leg up because he is taller than Sovereign. Sovey and I walked all over, even on a new trail that I just made, and he was the perfect horse that he always is, this time, bareback and bitless. What an amazing journey we are lucky enough to be on. Pinch me.

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