Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Baja!

Today is Baja's birthday! He was foaled on April 11, 1994. He was the horse who re-established my love of Thoroughbreds. What a character! Last October he and I went for a bareback ride through our woods and ended up in the shady, wooded cul-de-sac neighborhood called "Sunnyland" that borders our property. As we walked through the sleepy subdivision to get to another woodland path, people came out of their homes and garages to see us. Baja was very social and loved all the attention. He stopped and stood so still while the neighbors talked to me. He looked at them like he was conversing too. Everyone went to get a carrot or apple for him and he loved that! It was like he was "trick-or-treating" door to door. A lovely, powerful Thoroughbred - without a bit and bareback - wow - it just doesn't get more idyllic than that! The thing that I loved most about Baja is that he was so animated when we went on the trails. He was interested in riding and going cross-country. He clearly loved it! Maizie wanted to ride Baja for her birthday so I walked them around the property. It was another gorgeous October day and Baja and Maizie had such a nice ride. What great memories! Happy Birthday Baja!

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