Sunday, April 19, 2009

don't it make you wanna kinda feel alright

Pie and I had the most amazing ride today! I can't believe how much fun we had. I had intended to ride both he and Sovereign, but our ride ended up being longer than expected, so I only rode Pie. First, I rode him out in the field past our pastures. Above is a photo of him looking out to the field and the subdivision houses. I am not sure what mysteries those houses hold, but both Pie and Sovey are obsessed with getting to those houses. Sovey pulls and pulls to go out there and Pie also moves faster on our way out. This is weird for horses, I think. Usually they come back to the barn in a hurry and are slow-pokes on the way out. I am not sure if they think the houses are a racecourse shedrow or what, but they want to go out there. It is funny because Baja boy always walked out there and got to be good friends with all the neighbors. I had hoped to one day share that all with Pie and Sovereign, but never in my wildest dreams did I think we would be riding out there so soon. Today, though, the Pie-Pie started off in a hurry. He spied one of the neighbors dumping a huge yellow can full of grass clippings over the fence and then carrying it into the woods. One would think this would be a scary sight to a three year old Thoroughbred who hasn't been lunged or "worked down" in any way (we only walk at this point - trotting and cantering will come later) and doesn't have a bit in his mouth. But oh no, we had to go straight there and investigate!!!! We talked to the man for a few minutes and then Pie was done with that and we were off to look for more neighbors. I thought we should go back, but Pie was determined to see more. I expect this type of thing from Sovey because he has been the "explorer" since he arrived. Pie, though, has never been this brave before. He led me all over the trails and in and out of paths that Sovey hasn't even seen. At one point we came upon some rocks and hyacinths that scared Pie. He looked and looked and turned around like he was going to go back and shy. He thought about it and then turned back around and went by the "scary rocks" without doing a thing. I did not ask him to go or force him. He worked it out himself. We came upon a John Deere tractor in the woods that scared me because I forgot it was there. Pie side-stepped the tiniest bit and then mustered his courage and went on. He was clearly having a great time. I was so proud of him. He wasn't walking fast or acting nervous. The whole experience was so unbelievable. My favorite thing in all the world is riding in the woods. I think Pie likes it too! I will have to trim the branches, though. Pie is the tallest horse we have had back there in recent history!


  1. I'm so happy to see how these guys are progressing. Your blog rocks!

  2. I am so happy to see how well these guys are doing!

  3. Thanks Sandy!!! I am so excited to read your blog!! Now I can keep up with all your horse "tales/tails" too!

  4. It is amazing what you are doing with these TB's! Julie Goodnight just had an episode a few weeks ago on her RFD program about a family that was rehabing a TB that would not stand still and walk too fast. It was interesting to hear the perspective of a TB, during their race careers, they are never asked to walk slow, nor stand still. And having more contact on the reins actually signals them to speed up! It is a whole new way of thinking for them. And I imagine those houses seemed like a shed row to them, with many horses and piles of hay waiting there for them! ;)
    How many horses do you take on at a time for rehabilitation?

  5. Hi Pony Girl!
    We have two TB's right now. We have room for four - it is good to stay focused on a small number. They need all the attention you can give them. It is true, TB's do go faster when you pull on them. That is why we don't use a bit and keep the adrenaline inducing activities at a minimum for now.


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