Wednesday, April 29, 2009

sandwiches and chips for all the shoulders

Here is a slide taken in August 1957 of my Grandfather with my family's favorite imp, "Chaplain". This is when Chappy was an old boy, sadly crippled by ringbone and sidebone. In his prime, he was brilliant. He taught my mom that the rental horses she thought had made her a "rider" had really only poised her to fall off harder. Then, in time, he taught her to find the courage to get back on and really become a rider. He was smart and naughty - and had truly lovely ears and a good heart.
Another dark bay with cute ears, impish tendencies, and a good heart, is one Pie, the Sly Pioneer. He and I had an interesting adventure this afternoon. We headed out across the field in search of whatever it is he is looking for at our neighbors' homes. Instead, in one backyard, we found 4 Miniature Pinschers, each tied to their own white plastic lounge chair. When the dogs saw us they frantically barked and raced toward us, chairs in tow, first with the plastic loudly scraping the patio, and then, with the chairs bouncing out across the lawn! Pie did the expected, and honestly, understandable, jump-buck combo, but it wasn't too bad considering what was racing toward him. The dogs went under the fence, but the chairs held them back. Pie stood snorting and I could feel his heart pounding with fear. The poor boy. I gently reassured him that it was quite a sight, but that we would be ok. He amazingly went on, less flustered than horses three times his age. We like to joke that Pie is a silly one, taking Sovey's fly mask off and waving it about, but Pie is a sensible horse. No chips on his shoulders.

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  1. Wonderful wonderful! Loved this history of a fantastic horse!


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