Friday, April 15, 2011

And yesterday I saw you kissing tiny flowers

Pie and I headed out through the woods yesterday morning for a great ride. 

We popped out on this street and talked to neighbors and Pie was the perfect boy.  I kept my seat tight and my reins loose and he "targeted" scary things (trash, bright flags in the ground, manhole cover).  Anything for a treat. Here he is looking at me, asking if one such treat is on the way.

Thursday is trash day. Fortunately, we were back on our property when the trash truck and trash men arrived.  You can see them in the distance of this photo, below. They are out on the street where we had just been. Pie probably would have been fine, but you never know.

It was a gorgeous day with temperatures in the 60's.  

Pie greeted me with a nice, thick coating of mud.  Here he is after some grooming. Mud is omnipresent.

He grazed in a patch of violets when we were finished with our ride.

I put some in his mane and foretop.  He promptly shook them out!

And, here is the littlest bunny rabbit, Foggy, grazing in his new fly mask.


  1. What a good boy Pie is. I love Foggy's 'bunny ears' :)

  2. Purple is very much his color, look at how good those flowers look in his mane! Too bad he shook them out.

    You have flies already? I was hoping for at least a few more weeks without them :(

  3. I am a sucker for horses with BIG ears, it makes them super dooper sweet to me. What a good boy Pie is to roam streets like that! How fun for your neighbors to see such beauties walk by.

  4. Great pictures and I'm glad you had such a good ride. We were hoping to ride this morning but the wind may keep us inside. Spring in New Mexico means wind.


  5. Foggy is an adorable bunny rabbit. It's so green there! We are still very brown. Blegh. I like green.

    How fun of you and Pie to visit the neigbhors. Lots of activity on a neigbhorhood street. Glad Pie took it all well.

  6. Oh sweet riding days Jules! Makes the heart joyus and warmes it into a smiling face! Pie and Wa..every stop means a potiential yum yum!
    Good neighborhood ride..looks inviting. Yea, the sounds of crashing and thumping..get mine alereted quickly, glad you were in the safe zone of home fields!

    I did not mention this when you posted but, I love those halters you have for the boys. I'll have to go back and see the make, very nice. I usually have to get a "cob" for Wa. Bet Foggy is refined as well.
    Is that a Cashel? I like the open forelock section on them. How Bunny cuteish Foggy!

    Happy Spring days to you girl!!

  7. Love the flowers in his forelock!

  8. What a very good boy! There's a lot going on on a street like that, but it sounds like he has it figured out. I love the picture of him grazing on the flowers :)


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