Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm gonna play with free livin' lads down the street

Three great (some rain but sun too) days in a row and three great rides on Pie and Sovereign.  Here is Sovey during our post-ride grazing session yesterday posing by the cherry tree.  

On Easter Sunday morning I rode Sovey and put the other two boys in the barn in their stalls with hay and snacks and water. Usually I put them in special pastures but our pastures have all gone to muck. It rains everyday now, even if the sun comes out later. Then, it is humid and buggy and muddy. Our barn has screen doors (!!!) so it is cool and fly-free.  Sunday was the first time I put them in there when I rode and I have to say it was wonderful.  Pie and Foggy were sleepy and peaceful when Sovereign and I returned.  

This photo, above, shows Sovey's bridle with the throat latch that goes nowhere and the reins hooked to the noseband.  We like this!

On Monday, Pie and I had to head out at noon because of the morning downpours.  It was squishy and humid, but look at the violets! I left Sovey and brother, Foggy, together in the barn and they were equally happy.

The neighborhood beside us was built in the 1960's on top of a creek that ran through our property. The creek is gone, but with all our rains, the basements in these homes have flooded. The people have been pumping water out with sump pumps. In this photo, Pie encountered wild looking black plastic pipe, coiled and drying on a clothesline. He looked and thought about it for a few seconds, and then did nothing.  What a good boy!

This photo is blurry because Pie is pawing for a treat from my mom (spoiled), but you can see that I am riding in shorts and a sleeveless shirt. It was 77 degrees!

Sovey ears and my uncle's barn in background.

Now you see the dandelions...

now you don't!

Sovey loves to munch dandelions and violets. He is a salad gourmand.


  1. Wow, you're really getting a lot of wet weather. Glad there's lots of sun mixed in too. You got some great pictures. Violets are among my favourite flowers, so I love the shot with violets - so many of them! Gorgeous!
    Our horses like to go in too, when the mid day gets too hot, but it will be a while before it's like that here in Nova Scotia.

  2. Nice pictures. We can use some of your rain here in New Mexico. All we get is wind.


  3. Yeesh yeah I went from one extreme to the next. Oklahoma hasn't seen rain in 9 months, we are gonna be flooded for the next 9 months. There hasnt been a complete 24 hours here since the beginning of april that it hasnt rained! can't I go back to 95 and dry in Oklahoma!?

  4. Nice pictures :)

    We're having rain every day off and on too, but not as bad as inland. Good Pie not being scared of the black pipe!!

    Happy brothers dozing in the barn - so nice that your barn is screened. Sounds lovely and cool :)

  5. Tshirt and shorts oh my! :)
    Dandelions are great for cleaning out liver and kidneys :)
    Such nice rides in your u ever have horse crazy girls bust out the side doors wanting to feed your cuties carrots?! I would have if I grew up there

  6. Looks like so much fun Julie! The grass is so green and the flowers so pretty! There's still a lot of brown here - we've barely gotten any rain and it's so hot and muggy. I love that you have screen doors on your barn! Great idea...

  7. your horses sure have a beautiful life there. i think they know that.

    we have the same weather it seems but for me it's too warm!

  8. oh and i wanted to say that your horses are the definition of the word noble. nobility in expression and form - TBs have got it!

  9. Oh man...I'm so hoping to join you in done of that good stuff soon! Like tomorrow...there have rumors.

    What nice times...Sovey ears, really loved that.
    Thought you today, on our solo ride...very quiet, calm..mine thought about the llamas..but then she just kept going.
    How cool, screens for the barn-novel idea!

    Here is to the horsey lovin' weekend!

  10. So sorry about my spelling + sentences!

  11. Juliette, What a striking photo of Sovey - look at his regal eyes! Beautiful! And Pie was so good to not be bothered by the black tubing - good Pie! Sounds like you have had such nice rides lately. I know what you mean about the dandelions - Buckshot loves to eat them too! Organic food that they love LOL!

  12. Screens on the barn - how lucky you are! We've already got little gnats with all the rain and wetness. I can't imagine what the mosquitos will be like - as big as birds this summer! You look like you're enjoying the warm weather and your boys are obviously loving life. Hope you have more great rides this weekend!


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