Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Now could be forever

Pie and I had a great ride yesterday morning.  First we rode around our big field and he was quiet and lazy. I could barely get him to trot. As we circled to the north, he was more spooky than I have ever seen him, but he stayed with me.  He even did a strong backing/refusal to go forward when we entered the woods at first, but he never once went up into his half rear.  At the end of the backing (usually the pop up time) we just calmly stood still.  I talked to him and allowed him to stand.  He backed some more, but then stopped.  After what I felt was enough time to think about it, I asked him to go forward and made a big deal about one tiny step - loud "Good Boys" and then he kept going! Hooray! It was a nice practice on our own land - this usually only occurs when we are off our property. In the woods he was really nervous, shying at invisible ghosts. I thought that there must be deer in there, but after thinking about it some more, and running later in the day, I think Pie was shocked at the changes in the woods. We had heavy rains and flooding on Saturday and it seems like our leaves and flowering trees all just "popped" open at once. I think the woods he saw last week looked entirely different yesterday. To him, there were new green little shadows and white puffy cotton balls on every tree.

More rain today, so riding is out. I get to spend another day soaking wet, juggling little, sweet Foggy-boy from outside to inside trying to avoid lightning and save all the calories we have packed into our new boy. 

I am not complaining about the rain. Rain brings little treasures. Yesterday, when Maizie and I headed out for an afternoon run, Brian told us to take a camera. This is what we found!

A carpet of Grape Hyacinths!


  1. Poor Pie. He was confused.

    We have had a lot of rain and even flooding here in VA. but the Morrel mushrooms are out in force, so bonus. That is a lovely carpet of purple... our flowers haven't been quite that lovely here yet.

  2. Oh those are my fave flowers..they smell of honey! I need some for my home office STAT..mine haven't popped up yet in my back yard. We also had snow yesterday!!!
    Seems Pie just needed some time to absorb the changes-they are extra Springy in the Spring, aren't they! :)

  3. Those hyacinths are so pretty!

    I'm complaining about the rain though, it's been 4 days straight here with temps in the low 40s or below. Yuck.

  4. I love how you saw things through Pie's eyes while in the forest. I bet it is a little disconcerting for a horse to see so many changes. Did he also get concerned during Fall with all the crackling, blowing leaves?

    Oh what we could do with some rain here. We are so dry. 7 months without rainfall has us in drought conditions. The carpet of flowers are so pretty!
    I planted grape hyacinth bulbs a few years ago. But unless I water those areas to bits, they don't grow. Spring here is not pleasant. Between the dry and the dust, the winds are fierce.
    I'm already wishing for summer.


  5. We'll take some of your rain out here in New Mexico. All we have is our Spring winds.


  6. Look at all those hyacinths! Lovely!
    Poor Pie, it's true though, the woods look entirely different from one ride to the next this time of year. Harley balked at a pile of snow the other day, as if to say, "What's that?"
    I think your rain is headed our way--a rainy morning in Maine.

  7. Woods also smell different when it's rained, glad you both had success with the changes. That is a lot of hyacinths, beautiful!

  8. I love those flowers! They are so beautiful. Glad you got the chance to "train" with Pie! Hope you had a fun ride.

  9. Thank you for describing Pie's reaction. We have a shadowy place that abruptly begins the woods on an easement road on our property.

    Your flower photos are a feast for my eyes!!! :-)

  10. Lovely insightful times... You have always encouraged me -to be much more mindful of the horses environment Jules.

    I spend much more time appreciating my mare's attiudes now, as I'm learning filter them through her "Natural responce" to her natural world, as SHE SEES IT...apart from how I see it.

    Pie Pie, such a good boy! I love his muzzle~
    Every day is going to be different. But,the thing I adore most with our horse loves is always going to be the same though...they are willing to partner with and try for us humans!

  11. Juliette, You always inspire me to keep in mind the horse's perspective- that they might be viewing something totally new to them, even though it doesn't look new to us. Pie really did well going into the woods, since he was nervous, but did listen to you. And to go through the brand new woods like he did- good boy!!


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