Friday, April 8, 2011

Well all right, so I'm not working

It is raining again this morning. It has been a cold, raw spring so far with highs only in the mid 40's and depressing, overcast skies spitting rain at every turn. I have been lucky to squeeze in rides most days, when the sun peeks out for two tiny hours. I am only able to do this because I didn't teach at all this year. I took off in the fall because Maizie started middle school and I wanted to be around for her transition. She settled in nicely, although I am still wrestling with the mood swings of a middle school girl - glad I have horses to comfort me! Then, with the distant hope of getting Foggy, I didn't want to commit to teaching in the spring. I have to admit, I like this schedule WAY too much - especially with this sporadic weather, I am so glad to be flexible. Yesterday's ride on Pie was during a patch of sun in the afternoon.  The wind does pick up occasionally while I am riding, but both horses don't get flustered by wind, thankfully.

Here Pie is looking at the grass in anticipation of his post-ride hand grazing session!

We trotted quite a bit out on the trail.  Pie is off slightly on his right front. He seems to work out of it the more we trot.  As we headed back to the barn, I asked him to turn back for another walk in the woods. He hesitated slightly, but then willingly walked back around the woods. I am proud of him for doing this. Pie gets very comfortable with his routines and it is quite a stretch for him to change. The more I get these little "gives", the better he is when we encounter a crisis out on the trail.    

Sovereign is the opposite.  He is slightly barn/buddy sour, especially with the addition of a new brother. He balks right out of the box.  Once I get him out and away, he enjoys routine changes. 

Below is a video I took yesterday of Pie walking up to his beloved barstool apples and gobbling them all up. Warning: Turn your sound down or subject yourself to my squeaking saddle and nutty baby talk that is almost like another language (Yummy-lish?).  It seems like I do nothing but apologize about looking goofy or sounding silly. I am not super insecure and fishing for reassurance/compliments. I get a kick out of how hysterically intimate and unconcealed these blogs can be in an effort to show the beauty of our horses! 


  1. Fun video. Neither of our horses like apples, but give them a carrot - yum.

    The weather is one reason we moved to New Mexico.

    Good luck with the middle school child.


  2. Oh Pie gorgeous!
    I love his coloring...I also love your schedule!

    Made me chuckle about the Sovey sour comment- "right out of the box". They are so different, yet the same sometimes.
    I knew that "sour "one well, at my last place.

    I'm finding it easier , at this barn with that. The huge diff for us (I think)...a lane away from the barn and pastures. Once I hand walk her to the end of it, we(she) can't SEE anyone anymore. It's like we are already miles away, or something. Outa sight, outa mind?

    So glad you are getting the bits of sun times! Work...smerk!

    Can't see the video on the phone...but will go online, hopefully tonight!

  3. I love their barn stool apples. How fun to have the flexibility, I have it too with my job (most days) and it is a HUGE pay off when it comes to horses! :) Spring needs to get here and dry up a bit!

  4. I too have a flexible schedule and am VERY thankful for it. I get in many midday rides and day trips for hay (today) because of it. Also can run up to the barn to blanket or unblanket on the fly!

    Love the apple video. You two are adorable. If people could hear me between baby talk, my loud breathing exercises and extra loud singing... embarrasing!!

    Question - who supplies the apples for the bar stool pit stop?

    Hope the weather looks more kindly on you this coming week!

  5. Juliette, Glad you got such a good ride with Pie. Love the photos also, especially the one highlighting his eye - what a pretty horse he is. The video is fun - he is so focused on the apples - heavenly!

  6. That was just cutie-wootie! No worries I baby talk too AND am not as secure, as you are, to admit to it. I know my wittle Clydie-bug and sweetie wittle Rosebud wove it though!

  7. I love the beautiful picture of Pie's eye. I know what you mean about taking time away from work. I've deliberately stepped back from my consulting business for the time being so I can focus on other things - spending time with my elderly mother, being with friends facing health problems, planning around the land we bought,... It feels right and I'm much happier with this right now.
    Love your baby talk. My Bunny Bon Burstenburger (Rogo's fancy 'German' pet name) would approve :)

  8. CUUUUTE voice! "Yummy- lish"

    I thought of you yesterday I sang into the woods for Wa's reassurance over someone that was in there..we talk and sing and do what we know to be happyconnection with our horseloves~
    Happy riding Jules!

  9. My Harley is a bit buddy/barn sour too, and initially, was a handful riding away from home. He has greatly improved over the past year and is much more willing to head out into the woods alone. But the return is always at a quicker pace!

    I'm jealous of your schedule. We've had a couple of gorgeous days where I've been working and not riding!

  10. What a sweet apple Pie moment :)


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